About the podcast

Welcome to the blog for The Obvious Question podcast.  Here, you can find links to shows, leave comments, or find out more about the podcast and its hosts.

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The point of the Obvious Question is to explore questions that may seem fairly obvious but are seldom answered.  Each week, one of us (the hosts – Joe, Mike, or Bob) comes with a question for the other two and we see how deep we can go with it in about 20 – 25 minutes.

The questions we come up with are supposed to be big…they’re supposed to be obvious – why aren’t we thinking of this question all of the time?  Why don’t we know the answer?!

What we’re intending to do is start a dialogue that hopefully helps us to find, in an authentic way, something that matters for our lives and for the lives of the people around us.

Our goal is to crowd source wisdom.  Each week we’ll ask a question and give it our best shot, but then we’d love for you to jump in with us.  What is your answer?

Join our discussion in the comments section under each episode and maybe…just maybe…we can figure it out together.


4 thoughts on “About the podcast

  1. I have an idea for a podcast…”What if a person makes what is perceived to be a bad decision but it works out. Does that make it a good decision in the end?”

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    1. We chatted about your question this morning – it is a great question. Do you have a specific story or something that happened that drives the question? We see it as very similar to “Does the end justify the means?”, which (not wanting to put words in your mouth) is a true and timeless Obvious Question for sure. If there is a story, we’d love it if you’d share – if you prefer to not do it here as a comment, then feel free to drop us a line at theobviousquestionpodcast@gmail.com. Either way – thank you a ton for listening and the question – it is a great one.


      1. I guess it is similar to “does the end justify the means”. I don’t have a personal story or at least one that I can think of right now but I was watching hockey last night. A player on the team I was cheering for (NY Islanders) made this super risky pass that almost resulted in a turnover and would have been a real good scoring chance for the opponent. Instead, it got to the intended recipient and my team scored. I was thinking…does the coach rip him a new one for the risky pass or…because they scored it’s okay. Thus my obvious question!

        Love the Podcast! I’m a friend of Joe’s daughter and he told me about it when I was visiting over the Christmas holiday. I listen to them during my runs!

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