About the hosts

Who are these guys, and why should I listen to them?

Do they know something special?  Do they have some keen insight that is totally unique to them?  Where’d they go to school?  How many scholarly articles have they published on the topics?  How many years of work experience in the various fields do they have?

These are great questions – obvious ones, even, and you can find out more about us on this page, but the crazy part is that none of it really matters. The whole point of the show is not to tell you what we know, but rather to ask the  questions and to get the conversation started.  Sure, we know a thing or two about a thing or two, and we’ll (hopefully) show that in our conversations, but what we’re hoping to do is start a dialogue with you, our listeners.  In other words, our show isn’t about us and our “wisdom”…it is about all of our wisdom – yours and ours, combined.

So why should you listen?  To hear the question, get some ideas from us, and then help us to find some ideas that improve our lives and the lives of the people around us.  (We’ll take all the help we can get).

Joe Brtalik

Originally from Long Island, New York, Joe attended the Catholic Seminary before serving as a Communications Specialist in the Navy and then working in Executive Leadership for Electronic Data Systems (EDS).  Joe received his Organization Leadership and Development training under Peter Senge at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and built a consulting practice which led transformational change and leadership development initiatives throughout the country at such organizations as IBM, General Motors, and Johnson & Johnson.  Additionally, Joe has been a successful restaurateur (with his two sons), written articles for multiple publications on the topics of leadership, groups, and teams, and participated in the Institute for the Healing of Racism.  Joe lives with his wife near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and has three children and seven grandchildren.

Bob Meier

Bob grew up in Newark, New Jersey where he received his degree at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Bob also received his M.S. in Computer Science from Georgia State University and completed executive leadership programs at the Kellogg School of Management and Emory University.  Beginning his career in New York City, Bob eventually settled in Atlanta where he works as the Director of Marketing and Communications for a health insurance technology company.  Bob is an active writer and has penned works of poetry and short fiction and has studied with Peaceful Warrior author, Dan Millman.  Additionally, Bob is the founder of The Beginner’s Path coaching practice for individuals and teams, and works closely with advocacy groups in the Atlanta area, such as the Forsyth County Family Haven domestic violence shelter and the Alliance for Freedom Restoration and Justice, which works to prevent human trafficking. Bob lives in Cumming, Georgia with his wife, four children and (seemingly countless) dogs and cats.

Mike Travisano

Mike grew up in central Pennsylvania and received his B.S. and M.B.A. from Penn State University.  He started his  career in technology and business in Boston, and eventually moved back to the Harrisburg area, where in addition to working with EDS, IBM, and others, he worked in partnership with Joe Brtalik delivering organizational development training.  In 2015, Mike completed a nearly four-year mission for the United Nation’s International Fund for Agricultural Development in Rome, Italy, whose goal is to eradicate rural poverty and hunger. Mike is a performing pianist and composer and has released two albums of solo piano music which is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all major digital outlets (check him out at www.michaeltravisano.com).  Mike lives near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with his wife, son, and two wacko dogs.


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