Episode 49 – Am I a good dad?

Joe asks Bob and I this week, “what does it mean to be a good dad?”, and the question is not academic, the question is really, ‘Am I a good dad?” The three of us all have children – I have a son, Bob has two sons and two daughters, and Joe has two sons and a one daughter, and we’re wondering, how do we know if we’re making the cut for what is, inarguably, the most important job we have. It is my opinion, and I’m sure Joe and Bob agree, that the moment we had children, everything else dropped away – everything we previously thought was so critical and important is now fighting for a very distant second place – so how do we know if we’re doing right by them? I hope you like our conversation – I can’t think of any other that touched such a sensitive nerve so quickly. We’d love to hear your thoughts on it, whether you’re a mom or a dad or not – maybe you can help us all to be better.

At the beginning of the episode, Mike does an terrible job of reading a poem by W.S. Merwin called, For the Anniversary of My Death. To read it in your own voice, you can find it here at the Poetry Foundation.

Listen to what we come up with, and then let us know your thoughts right here in the comments or on our FaceBook page for The Obvious Question.  Have a listen… 

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