Episode 47 – Why do we complain?

Why do we complain? Does it do us any good?

Joining us this week is a very special guest host, Dr. Tanie Miller Kabala. Dr Kabala is a speaker, author and practicing clinical psychologist. In addition to her private practice at the West Chester Wellness Center in West Chester, PA, Tanie is the author of The Weight Loss Surgery Coping Companion (check it out here on Amazon) and an album of meditations and relaxations entitled, Rest and Restore, which is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.   Connect with her on FaceBook @DrTanieKabala or at her website www.drtaniekabala.com.  We’re really thrilled to have her with us this week. Tanie is whip smart, super cool, and has a heart of gold – check her out!

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