Episode 13 – Where does talent come from?

What is talent?  Where does it come from?  Is hard work and dedication enough, or is talent innate – you got it or you don’t?  And if we can zero in on where talent comes from, can we foster it in the people around us?… can we foster it in our children?  (And here is where it can get sticky…) Should we foster it in our kids, even if they hate the thing that we’ve discovered them to be talented in?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 13 – Where does talent come from?

  1. Hey guys. My name is Pedro and I’m a friend of Mike’s currently living in Rome. Loving the podcast. I wanted to ask you what do you think of the component of luck within what talent is. I believe you guys talked about a ‘star alignment’ analogy, but it only paired genetics to time dedicated to practice. What about the universal ‘luck’ component? I think that it has been recently studied, how Darwin’s theory of evolution, lacks the luck factor. Or for example, a handful of guys while attending architecture school in England, decided to get together and play music, and suddenly a little known band named Pink Floyd is formed. The right place/right time thing… what is out of our control and that has a lot to influence on the talent of an individual.


  2. Hi Pedro. Thanks for your feedback and question about how luck figures into talent. In my opinion it would be a great “Obvious Question’ for one of our future podcasts. Stay tuned.

    In the meantime, let me try to address a part of it here. We would have to first agree on what ‘luck’ is to see how it affects talent. Assume it is some type of unknown force that affects us and produces an outcome in such a way that we have no control over it, for better or for worse. When I ask people ‘do things happen to you or do you make things happen’, I get every answer from things happen to me 100% of the time or I make things happen for myself 100% of the time and of course, everything in between. I find that people who make things happen for themselves 100% of the time are very lucky talented people. In your example of Pink Floyd, ‘they decided to get together and play music’ resulting in an incredible band. How many others waited for something to happen and were just unlucky.

    Great question. Thanks again.



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