Episode 12 – I’m sorry?

How do you say “I’m sorry?”  How do you apologize?  So often, we run into situations where we have to own up to something hurtful that we’ve done to someone else, and the words “I’m sorry” just don’t cut it.  Going the other way, there are times when we feel wronged, and making it right will take a lot more than just some lame “sorry”.  So what should  you say?  How can you make it right?

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So what do you think?  We really want to know!  As we mention in the podcast, we’re just three dudes trying to make some sense out of life, so we’ll take all the help we can get, so please feel free to dig in with us.  Tell us what you think right here in the comments.  And, hey…digging the show?  Let us know with a (hopefully really positive) review in iTunes or wherever you’re getting it.

ONE MORE THING…What’s your obvious question?  Let us know your obvious question with an email to theobviousquestionpodcast@gmail.com or tweet it to us at @theobviousq – we would love to hear it (but be ready – we may reach out to you to find out more…we may even ask you to join us on the show!)

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