Episode 7 – Is it just business, or is it personal?

Are we different people at work than we are at home?  When we power-up our company laptops or scan our badges to enter the office, do we leave a part of ourselves on the outside?  Should we leave a part of ourselves on the outside?  

The corporate world uses an all-too-familiar term of “work/life balance”, so….what’s the right balance?

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During the episode, Joe mentions a book called, There’s No Such Thing as Business Ethics – check it out on Amazon.com here.

This topic can go many ways, and we only scratch the surface – we would love to hear what you think.  What’s your answer?  Tell us what you think right here in the comments, and if you like the show, please let us know with a (5-star “OMG this is awesome”) review on iTunes or wherever you’re getting getting the show.

ONE MORE THING…Joe mentions at the end of this show that we’d love to hear YOUR obvious questions.  Believe us…we have a million of them and we’ll never run out, but we’re also very curious as to what other questions are out there – questions that should have obvious answers, but somehow…they don’t.   Let us know your obvious question with an email to theobviousquestionpodcast@gmail.com or tweet it to us at @theobviousq – we would love to hear it (but be ready – we may reach out to you to find out more…we may even ask you to join us on the show!)

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