Episode 6 – Is it ever OK to lie?

Is there ever a time – big or small, important or not, when it is ok to look someone straight in the eye and lie to them?  What if the truth is harmful?  

A special note about this episode if you’re listening to it with kids around…we don’t swear (or if we do, we edit it out), but (SPOILER ALERT) we talk about a major holiday tradition that is, essentially, steeped in a big fat rosy cheeked jolly lie.  So…you know…maybe get headphones.

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Dig the show?  Please let us know … but, please don’t lie.  We’re asking for the truth here, so you’re honor-bound to either give us a 5-star review if you love the show, or lie to us and give us a 5-star review if you hate it.

One thought on “Episode 6 – Is it ever OK to lie?

  1. Good episode…
    Yes, Being a Jew in Nazi Germany one may find oneself in need of lying all the time. Or if they come to my “Italian Doorstep” and I have Jews in the basement hiding and I lie and tell them – NO I have no Jews here.

    I think we have to ask – “Are we wronging anyone by lying?” I like the concept of what Mike noted about the “slippery slope” which we do need to keep in mind. Some people live by “ends justifying the means” – they will lie about something if they feel it is for the end result which liberates the masses or something like that. (very slippery slope)

    Also I like what Joe said or asked about “What is a lie?” – Not telling the whole truth etc etc.
    Bob’s point about coming back later and realizing that we change or adapt our opinion is a point to consider. (with new info etc)

    Sometimes when one person lies to another it may fuel that person who was lied to – to lie back to the original liar – either directly or indirectly…

    By the way, when people ask me if I am a JEW(which happens often) and I say NO – I am not lying, lol. Unless of course I was lied to and I actually am a Jew, then I just passed on that misinformation 🙂

    Don’t feel bad about lying about Santa – that was for a very good happy reason. That said may we all keep in mind the story of – “The Boy who cried wolf”. Happy Holidays!


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